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Below please find some guidelines to keep in mind when submitting. When you're ready, you can email your blog post and supporting visuals to

Our guidelines

Article length

We recommend articles of at least 500 words, ideally 800 words. That said, long form content also performs well, so feel free to submit longer articles too.

When submitting, please include an author bio of 50-150 words.


Please include at least one image with your submission.

Dimensions and file size:

  • Images should be 600 x 400 pixels please.
  • Images should be optimised at 80% quality.

Feel free to share a relevant video link as well.


Academic Families is proud of our partner schools and agencies as well as our loving host families. We are happy to re-blog your content provided it meets our editorial guidelines.

It's a good idea to align your article with one or more of our blog categories:

  • Boarding School Life
  • Courses & Exams
  • Education Systems
  • FAQs & Resources
  • Guardianship
  • Host Families
  • School Placement
  • Scholarships & Bursaries
  • School Selection

When submitting, please indicate which category(ies) are most relevant to your post.

We welcome content such as:

  • Tips and advice when choosing a school
  • Boarding school life
  • What it’s like to live with a host family

You can read some of our latest blog posts below to get a sense for the kind of content we share.

Writing style

Keep in mind that our audience is global, so try to avoid using slang or jargon. It’s best to write in a light, conversational, natural tone of voice.

We also recommend using lists, questions and sub-headers throughout your article to make the content easy to digest.


Please be aware that we might add internal links to other posts on our blog or other pages on our website.

Please refer to our legal terms and conditions regarding content restrictions and copyright, or contact us directly with any questions.

We reserve the right to reject submissions because the topic or tone does not fit our blog or we feel that we have sufficiently covered the topic already.

We reserve the right to edit your material according to our own content guidelines and editorial style. If substantial edits are needed, we will send a revised version back to you for your edits or approval.

We will inform you once your article is published. If you wish to make minor edits to your blog post after it has been published, please let us know within a week of it being published.

Once your article is live, we encourage you to share the post within your own social media and marketing channels.

Be a guest blogger!

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