The 10 best UK boarding schools for football

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The 10 best UK boarding schools for football

With the 2022 Football World Cup about to begin in Qatar, we’ve been thinking about all the incredible football opportunities available at boarding schools across the UK. From impressive facilities to Football Academies, ex-professional footballer coaches and partnerships with local clubs, the top boarding schools for football have it all. Here is a list we’ve put together of some of the best UK boarding schools for football. Join a team now!

Ackworth School

Ackworth School is a co-educational Senior and Prep boarding school in Yorkshire, England. The school offers a rich and varied curriculum and prepares pupils for GCSE and A Level exams. As well as other sports such as squash and tennis, Ackworth School excels in football. Former English Premier League player Jamie Fullarton runs the school’s elite Football Academy for talented young footballers. The Football Academy offers students exposure to professional football clubs so that talented young players may be recognised for their skill. Start your football career at Ackworth School.

Bede’s School

Bede’s School is found in East Sussex, England and is a co-educational Senior and Prep boarding school that offers GCSE, A Level and BTEC qualifications. The school has excellent sports facilities and offers a number of sporting academies including its successful Football Academy. The football programme for all pupils runs year-round, and Bede’s has 14 teams for students to join. Score a goal at Bede’s School.

Claremont School

Also situated in East Sussex, Claremont School offers GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams. The co-educational school’s excellent football facilities include more than 50 acres of grass pitches and pupils participate in strength, conditioning and fitness sessions, alongside their football training. Football coaching never coincides with teaching, so students are able to train without having to miss lessons. The Director of Claremont’s Football Academy is a Premier League scout and has contacts with the England team and in other countries. This provides an excellent and exciting opportunity for pupils demonstrating talent and promise. Get your football boots on at Claremont School.

Culford School

Culford School is one of the best UK boarding schools for sports and has excellent facilities for aspiring footballers. The co-educational Senior and Prep boarding school is set in 480 acres of countryside in Suffolk, England. For passionate young footballers, Culford’s Football Academy offers individual coaching and development plans, floodlit football pitches and coaching sessions in partnership with local football clubs. Ignite your passion for football at Culford School.

Ellesmere College

Ellesmere College is a co-educational Senior and Prep boarding school in Shropshire, England. The school has a varied curriculum and offers GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate and BTEC qualifications. Ellesmere runs a number of sports academies, such as its impressive Football Academy. All pupils that attend one of these academies can benefit from outstanding facilities, excellent coaching, regular training and academic support. Join the team at Ellesmere College.

Millfield School

Millfield School is a co-educational Senior and Prep boarding school in Somerset, England. It is one of the UK’s largest boarding schools and offers pupils GCSE, A Level and BTEC qualifications. The school has a reputation for being one of the best sporting schools in the country – football is no exception! As many as 400 pupils play football at Millfield and the 11 full-sized football pitches provide the opportunity for pupils of any skill level to participate. Learn from one of the 19 football coaches at Millfield School.

Milton Abbey School

Milton Abbey is a co-educational Senior school in Dorset, England, offering GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams. The school has its own football programme within which students have access to coaches accredited by the Football Association. They can also play football alongside studying for a BTEC sports course so that their education is adapted to their specific requirements as an athlete. Kick off your football training at Milton Abbey School.

Oswestry School

Oswestry School is a co-educational Senior and Prep boarding school in England. Situated in Shropshire,  it follows the GCSE and A Level curriculum. Oswestry is known for the quality of its sports teams – 22 of which are dedicated to football. In fact, more than 170 pupils, both boys and girls, play football at Oswestry School. The school also organises exciting football tours to destinations such as California and Holland. Get your football kit on at Oswestry School.

Repton School

Repton School is situated in Derbyshire, England and is a co-educational Senior and Prep school. Football is one of the school’s ‘focus’ sports and is open to both boys and girls. Repton’s excellent provisions for footballers have produced a number of professional players in recent years, such as Will Hughes who now plays for Premier League club Crystal Palace. Start your football training at Repton School.

Rossall School

Rossall School is a co-educational Senior and Prep school that is found in the north of England in Lancashire. The school offers outstanding facilities for sports. Rossall’s partnership with Fleetwood Town Football Academy, a professional English Football League Club, ensures that young talent at the school is recognised. This gives aspiring young footballers the chance to train in one of the best sports complexes in the Northwest of England. Make the most of the football opportunities at Rossall School.

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