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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Ellesmere College Prep and Senior School in Shropshire, England.


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SY12 9AB

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Located in Shropshire, England, near the border with Wales, Ellesmere College prides itself on being innovative and forward-thinking. The school encourages pupils to try new things with the belief that success comes with perseverance and practice.

Best known for...

Ellesmere College was recently awarded High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School Accreditation and is one of only 39 schools worldwide to have received the award. HPL is a framework of teaching that puts into practice leading research about how children learn best. The award shows the school’s dedication to providing the highest quality of education possible. Ellesmere is also particularly strong for its sporting opportunities, such as in tennis, golf, football and swimming.

I have just received your really nice letter that you sent to me and I would like to say that I am really grateful and I appreciate you for making this process 10 times easier for me and my family. We went through so much but you did the backaching work and I don't take you for granted. You are a great team and I will definitely be recommending your company to others.

Michael Mwaura, age 17 - Kenya - student at Ellesmere College

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We offer honest advice to help you find the best UK school for your child.

Our team provides exactly the kind of support for your child that we would want if we were sending our children overseas, and in fact, all of our staff have direct, personal experience with boarding schools.

We visit schools regularly and know them inside and out – the atmosphere they offer, the academic and social environment your child will be in - so we know where your child will fit in best.

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Choosing the best education for your child leads many families to consider British schools and universities. However, it is not an easy decision to make.

Our team works hard to understand the needs and strengths of your child, match them to the UK boarding school best suited to their needs, and support them throughout their time in the UK.

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Academic Families has personal and professional experience with boarding schools. Many of our staff attended boarding schools themselves when they were young or have worked in them. We have all lived overseas and most of us are mothers, so we understand how important it is to find the very best education for every child no matter where that might be in the world.

From our headquarters in Edinburgh to our local staff across the UK, our team regularly visits hundreds of British schools. Our excellent knowledge of the UK education system, accreditation by the Boarding School Association (BSA) and certification from the British Council means we understand UK boarding education from the inside and out, and know how to ensure the best education for each child.

In addition, our guardianship service has been Gold accredited by AEGIS (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) since 2016 and also by the BSA, so you know, with Academic Families, you're guaranteed to have the best local support anywhere in the UK.

Moreover, our team are trained MHFA Mental Health First Aiders so we are qualified to support our students with any wellbeing and mental health concerns.

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