Who looks after my child while studying in the UK?

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Who looks after my child while studying in the UK?

Living and studying away from home is an excellent opportunity to broaden your child’s horizons, boost their independence and encourage them to reach their full potential.

You might be wondering what to expect from everyone who will be looking after your child while they're in the UK. Just like you, we all want to make sure your child is safe, supported, happy and successful.

We’ve put together a brief summary of the key roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in caring for your child in the UK.

Academic Families

As your child's guardian when they're in the UK, Academic Families provides dedicated, expert care and support when you aren't here. During school holidays, half-term breaks or weekend exeats we have what's called "delegated parental responsibility". Our agreement with you allows us to act on your behalf in any situation, including emergencies. Rest assured, your child is in safe hands.

Over the years, Academic Families has helped hundreds of children make the most of their time studying in the UK. We've had many glowing reports too, from parents, schools and our host families. Our experienced team works closely with everyone who cares for your child, including:

  • You,
  • School's boarding house staff,
  • School's Child Protection Officer,
  • Your agent, if you have one.

From travel to airport assistance, homestays with our carefully selected host families to cultural trips during school term breaks, the Academic Families team takes care of essential arrangements down to the smallest detail, offering you total peace of mind.  Our expert services include:

  • Being available for unexpected events.
  • Taking care of your child's UK travel arrangements and transfers between the airport, school and host family ensuring your child and everyone involved is aware of all the details and any last-minute changes to plans.
  • Providing accommodation with a host family where your child will stay when they aren't at school, during an emergency, or when the school is closed.
  • Providing local support and pastoral care including dealing with any concerns you or your child may have with their studies, school, friends and host.
  • Suggest and arrange for extra academic support where needed.
  • Attending school meetings on your behalf.


The boarding school you’ve chosen will be where your child lives and studies during the school term. Your child's school is responsible for their care, welfare and academic progress, and acts "in loco parentis", which means they deal with all parental responsibilities on your behalf. You can expect a school to:

  • Provide a safe, supported environment that encourages learning.
  • Ensure your child attends lessons and activities and encourage them to be the best they can be.
  • Send you regular reports about your child’s progress and inform you of any concerns.
  • Provide medical care through their school system, and contact you and Academic Families if further treatment is needed or in the event of an emergency.

Whenever your child is away from school during a break or holiday or travelling, Academic Families will provide care and support and be your point of contact.

Hosts, Homestay & Your Child’s UK Family

Being at school is a vital part of your child’s education in the UK, but it’s also important to have a change of scene, unwind, meet new people and try out different experiences. When your child has a break from school they can enjoy a homestay with one of our carefully matched host families where they can relax, have fun and enjoy UK family life and culture. Some schools let students continue boarding during these weekends but we always recommend a change of scene, especially to broaden your child’s experience of UK culture through a local family.

Specially selected by Academic Families, each exceptional host offers an outstanding level of day-to-day care, attention and support, going the extra mile to help your child feel at home. We always do our best to match your child‘s interests with their host’s interests so they have plenty of things in common. That’s why our registration form and phone conversations are so important before we start matching.

You can expect your child’s host to:

  • Provide a welcoming, safe and healthy home away from home for your child during exeat weekends and time away from school when they aren’t on a trip or with you.
  • Enjoy getting to know your child and sharing their knowledge of UK culture.
  • Treat your child as a member of their family, involving them in family activities and including their preferences for activities and food.

Interested in sending your child to a UK boarding schools?

Academic Families would be happy to help you in the school selection and admissions process, as well as look after him or her as your guardianship provider in the UK.

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