Uppingham School

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Uppingham School in the East Midlands, England.


About Uppingham School

Mission statement

“We aim to provide an innovative and rigorous education in a supportive full-boarding environment, which prepares intellectually curious, independent-minded, self-confident pupils for the challenges of living and working in the twenty-first century.”


Uppingham School follows a GCSE and A Level curriculum and offers pupils a wide range of subject choices – pupils can choose from 26 different subjects at A Level. The school also offers a BTEC qualification in sport. At Uppingham School, pupils are encouraged to ask questions and nurture their desire to learn. Uppingham aims to personalise learning to complement their students’ interests, abilities and ambitions.

In 2021, 97.2% of Uppingham’s A Level results were between A* - B. Some popular university destinations for Uppingham School pupils are Durham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Bristol.

Activities & sports

Uppingham School offers an excellent array of facilities across departments, providing students with countless opportunities. The art and design department is housed in the award-winning Leonardo Centre, which is open 7 days a week for pupils to use whenever they like. Pupils are encouraged to be creative, and Uppingham School hopes that students enjoy expressing their ideas and emotions. This includes the thriving design and technology department. Within the performing arts, their excellent drama facilities include a 300-seat arch theatre and a 160- seat black box drama studio. Uppingham School considers drama to be a crucial part of the school's identity, and pupils have the opportunity to participate in several plays or musicals each year. All of these productions are student-led, with pupils taking on roles in acting, directing, lighting, sound and front of house. Music is also an integral part of life at Uppingham, and the music department accommodates pupils at all skill levels.

Furthermore, at Uppingham School, sport is for everyone. The priority is for pupils to have fun and enjoy themselves, and Uppingham believes that success will follow. The school offers both competitive and recreational sport for students, as well as a very wide range of sporting opportunities. Options vary from football, rugby, hockey, tennis and cricket to sports such as basketball, sailing, water polo, volleyball and lacrosse. Facilities include Astroturf pitches and tennis courts (spread across 65 acres), and their centre for sport has a six-lane swimming pool, 2 dance studios, squash courts, a gym and a 6-court sports hall. Uppingham also has links with local sports providers - pupils who golf will play at a local UK Top 100 golf course nearby.

International student community

Uppingham School welcomes international students from almost 40 different countries. English is an additional language for around 200 pupils at Uppingham and additional specialist help is offered to pupils who require it.

Boarding life

The majority of students at Uppingham School are boarders – around 800 pupils board, and less than 40 are day pupils. Uppingham is also a full-boarding school which means that boarding students stay at school 7 days a week. This creates a thriving boarding environment at Uppingham, and means that international students are always surrounded by friends.

There are 15 boarding houses at Uppingham – 9 for boys and 6 for girls. Within each house, the whole house community comes together at mealtimes and every house creates a family environment for pupils to be welcomed in to. Every member of staff at Uppingham School is committed to the pastoral care of pupils, and the Life Skills programme teaches students essential lessons for life.


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