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Guardianship & Trips

As your UK partner, we will provide continuous quality
support to ensure your child is safe, happy and successful
during their UK schooling.


How we support you and your child at UK Boarding School


Expenses Schedule

Any of the below charges come out of your child's expense account



  • Registration Fee is a single payment for Student Registration and ongoing Police Disclosure monitoring.
  • Guardianship Fee is the annual payment invoiced in advance.
  • Expense Account is held on the Student’s behalf to pay any additional expenses incurred as outlined in the Expenses Schedule.
  • Expense Account statement will be prepared retrospectively each term with a corresponding invoice to restore to the agreed balance.
  • Expense Account final balance will be fully reimbursed at the end of Guardianship.
  • Fees and Expenses will be invoiced on confirmation of Guardianship acceptance.
  • VAT is charged unless invoiced c/o a non UK business - eg your agent.

Payment Schedule

Invoice 1  on acceptance of registration with Academic Families

Guardianship Registration Fee*   £295
Trips deposit*   £1,000

Invoice 2  by 1st April 2022

Guardianship Fee   £1,950
50% of total trip fees**   £4,250

Invoice 3  by 1st July 2022

balance of trip fees**   £3,250
Expense Deposit Fund***   £2,000

*  Non-refundable
** If your child is not going on all 3 trips this amount will be pro-rata
***Expense Deposit Fund is held on the Student's behalf to pay any additional expenses incurred as outlined in the Expense Schedule


Covid Cancellation

  • If your child is unable to start school due to Covid related closure or restrictions then the Guardianship Fee will be reimbursed.
  • If the cost of a Holiday Trip increases significantly due to Covid restrictions then any such increases will advised at the time of reservation. If a Holiday Trip is unable to proceed due to Covid restrictions then an alternative UK trip may be substituted.

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