Applying for your visa can be stressful and nobody can afford to have their application rejected.  Our partner immigration lawyers have the expertise and experience required to successfully support your visa applications.

You may find that your child's school has a designated visa partner for their Child Student visa but not every school does.  However, before you have a confirmed place, you may want support to apply for Visitor visas for your family members. You may even need help to apply for your Parent of a Child Student visa.

Whatever your visa requirements are, our visa application service will ensure the best possible outcome for your visa applications.

Visa application service charges vary, depending which visa you are applying for and include -

(Child) Student visa£895
Parent of Child Student visa£1,295
Visitor visa£695
Replacement BRP£725
Complex immigration consultation £595 / hour
If, within 6 months, you apply for an additional visa for the same person subsequent applications will be discounted by £100

The UK government visa fees list has a comprehensive list of all fees but the main fees that apply to our clients include -

(Child) Student Visa (inside UK)£475
(Child) Student visa (outside UK)£348
Student Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)£470 (12 months); £705 (12-18 months); £940 (18-24 months)
Single entry to replace a BRP£154
Short-term Study visa 6-11 months£186
Parent of Child Student visa£516
Standard Visitor visa£95
Long-term Standard Visitor visa£361 (2 years); £655 (5 years); £822 (10 years)

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