Is boarding school worth it?

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Is boarding school worth it?

Thinking about boarding school for your child? There are so many benefits of attending a UK boarding school. Time and time again we see students transformed by their boarding school experience. Our blog covers some of the biggest ways in which boarding school can help your child grow and succeed.

7 reasons to go to boarding school:

Gain independence

When your child attends boarding school they’ll be away from home, possibly for the first time without any of their family. They’ll have an team of experienced staff on hand to look after them, but they’ll also learn to be independent.  Your child will learn to do things without requiring adult supervision, and be able to ask for help when they need it. By the time they finish school they’ll be capable of living and looking after themselves independently – a great headstart for those who want to attend university.

Develop personal responsibility

Living at boarding school helps students develop a sense of personal responsibility. For most students, boarding school is the first time they have lived away from home so they will have to learn to be self-sufficient. Of course all students are supported by a wide range of staff, but they will in charge of making sure their bedrooms are clean and tidy and that their homework is done on time. Being organised and responsible are skills that will set your child up for success in later life, and boarding school is a great way to allow them to develop these qualities at a young age.

Find new hobbies and improve at existing ones

Boarding school can help your child nurture their current hobbies and interests and encourage them to develop new ones. For lots of international students, boarding school introduces them to new sports and activities that they haven’t been able to play in their home countries. Our blog covers some of the most popular extracurricular activities for students at boarding school. Perhaps your child is already an excellent tennis player or a fantastic musician – boarding schools can help them develop their talents with specialised programmes and expert tuition.

Establish a pathway to university

If your child is keen to attend university in the UK or at a top university elsewhere in the world, then British boarding school functions as a fantastic stepping stone. The vast majority of students who attend boarding school in the UK apply to university and are accepted to their top choice. After boarding school many international students get into top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, St. Andrews and Edinburgh. Read our university blog to discover how coming to boarding school can set your child up for success at university.

Make friends from all over the world

Lots of students find that one of the best outcomes of boarding school is the new friends they make. As boarding students live at school, there is a real sense of community, so boarding can help international students make friends very easily. Schools will have boarders from all over the world, and your child will be able to from valuable relationships with different people. Connecting with people who may have different beliefs, values and religions than your child can help them be open-minded and respectful. Read more about how living in a multicultural society like the UK can benefit your child.  Lots of students remain life long friends and like to visit each other in their own countries many years later!

Travel opportunities

Whilst it can be a little scary to have your child living so far away, it provides them with the fantastic opportunity to travel and see new places. Compared to many countries, the UK is quite small, which means that no matter where their school is based, there is always sightseeing to do nearby. The UK is full of busy and exciting cities to be explored, and the countryside offers stunning mountains, beaches and traditional villages. Being at boarding school will enable your child to see and learn about people and places that are different from your home country.

Improve English language skills

Where better to learn English than in the UK? Whilst it’s possible to learn languages in a classroom from a textbook, your child will learn much more from being in the UK. Being surrounded by native English speakers in class and in their boarding house will help your child’s language skills greatly. Learning English in the UK will present your child with many opportunities to put their language into practice every day. Whether it’s buying something from a shop or using public transport, they’ll be learning and practicing all the time without even realising it. Many boarding schools also provide extra lessons and 1:1 tuition for students who don’t speak English as their first language.

Still unsure about boarding school? What about a short course?

If you’re still unsure about boarding school, or think your child would benefit from experiencing a taste of boarding school life first, there are a range of short summer courses for international students. Whether you’re looking for an academic or English language course or a fun adventurous programme, there are lots of options for short taster courses. Check out our information on short courses and contact us for more details!

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