Queen Anne's School

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Queen Anne's School in Berkshire, England.


About Queen Anne's School

Mission statement

“The school aims to promote excellence in all areas of education within a Christian ethos so that pupils will be successful, happy, self-reliant, enterprising individuals who are supportive, tolerant and compassionate people.”


Queen Anne’s provides a supportive learning environment within which girls can increase their confidence and discover their strengths and talents. The school has a wide and varied curriculum and offers GCSE and A Level qualifications. In fact, there are as many as 26 subjects available at Queen Anne’s, enabling girls to follow a learning path that accommodates their individual needs and strengths. In 2022, 64% of GCSE results at Queen Anne’s were A* – A with an impressive 85% of results between A* – B. In the same year, 81% of A Level results were graded between A* and B. Popular university destinations for girls after leaving Queen Anne’s include Birmingham, Manchester, Bournemouth and King’s College London.

Activities & sports

Queen Anne’s supports girls to reach their full potential at school and understands the importance of having a healthy balance between academics and activities outside of school hours. Therefore, the school offers an extensive co-curricular programme, designed in partnership with students, to offer exciting activities that build the girls’ confidence and enable them to achieve their goals. Queen Anne’s co-curricular activities allow girls to develop important life skills such as perseverance, determination and self-awareness.

The range of activities available includes anything from jewellery making, to badminton, to beekeeping club with an impressive array of activities within the performing and creative arts. For example, the school offers extensive music, art, drama and dance courses, clubs and performance opportunities. In fact, Queen Anne’s is one of the best boarding schools in the UK for dance with as many as 9 different dance clubs. The school also has a range of sports for students to try either competitively or recreationally. These include sports like netball, swimming, football, tennis, rowing and lacrosse.

International student community

Queen Anne’s School welcomes international students from around the world into its safe and supportive school community. International pupils come from more than 20 overseas countries and the school has a well-equipped English as an Additional Language (EAL) department. Queen Anne’s aims to provide equal access to education, and their EAL classes allow girls to improve their English language and be fully included in the wider curriculum.

Boarding life

Queen Anne’s has four boarding houses, one for younger girls and the other three for older girls. The senior boarding houses are located at the centre of the campus, with a short walk between classrooms and the boarding accommodation. Outside of school hours, boarding houses are a hub of activity where girls can socialise, make friends and relax. The houses have prep (homework) rooms with computers and printers where students can study and complete their academic work, as well as a kitchen so that they can socialise and make snacks in between the nutritious meals that the school provides. Each house has Houseparents supported by a devoted team of staff who cater to the needs of the girls and ensure that they have the best boarding experience possible.


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