Plymouth College

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Plymouth College Senior and Prep School in Devon, England.


About Plymouth College

Mission statement

“To educate, enrich and empower our pupils so that they develop into rounded, grounded, interesting, happy and confident young adults.”


Academics is at the heart of Plymouth College and staff are dedicated to promoting excellence in all of their students. Class sizes are small enough to allow teachers to interact on an individual level with each student. Furthermore, students have the freedom to choose between 20 different subjects at A Level, catering for every student's interests.

In 2021, Plymouth College had a 100% pass rate at A Level, with 51% of marks graded in the A* - A range and 77% of students getting a grade B or above. In the same year, 53% of GCSE results were in the A* - A range and 72% were a B or above.

Activities & sports

Plymouth College takes great pride in being a leading school for performance sport, pushing students to get involved in sports and develop a love of fitness and physical activity. The school is partnered with Plymouth Leander (PL) to give students a world-class swimming programme. The school works with PL to ensure that students get a good balance between their academic subjects and swimming, so as to not put too much pressure on them. Students have access to some of the best facilities in the world -  they have a 50-metre pool with 10 lanes and a 25-metre pool with 5 lanes. The school also has a diving programme that produces national and international competitors, such as Olympian Tom Daley.

International student community

The college welcomes students from over 30 countries around the world, ensuring that they integrate smoothly into the school community and feel respected and appreciated. In fact, in 2020 Plymouth College was listed as a finalist in the Independent School Awards prize for international student experience.

Boarding life

The school works hard to make the boarding houses and community feel like home, striving to resemble a positive family life environment. Their facilities give students a comfortable place to study, socialise and live, with staff ready to support them with any problems that they have in order to ensure that they have the best educational experience possible.


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