Mayfield School

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Mayfield School in East Sussex, England.


About Mayfield School

Mission statement

“To empower young women to realise their potential in a strong community rooted in the Catholic Faith, where everyone is welcomed and nurtured.”


Mayfield School takes pride in providing an excellent academic curriculum and enabling girls to perform well in examinations. This is evidenced by the school’s impressive exam results – in 2021, girls at Mayfield School achieved a 100% pass rate and 87% of GCSE results were A* or A grades. In the same year, 94% of A Level grades were A* - B and 52% of grades were A*.

At UK boarding schools, the term ‘value-added’ measures how much additional experience, learning or development a school offers beyond the ‘average’. Mayfield School is in the top 16% of schools in the country when it comes to a ‘value-added’ education at A Level.

Most girls at Mayfield School go on to prestigious universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, those in the Russell Group of Higher Education institutions, and increasingly to universities in the USA or elsewhere overseas. Some university destinations include Durham, Bristol, Exeter, Imperial College London and Newcastle, amongst many others.

Activities & sports

Mayfield School recognises the benefits of a wide and varied education so offers a vast co-curricular programme, with more than 100 extra-curricular activities made available to girls. These activities include the school’s dance programme which provides girls with the opportunity to learn and practise various dance styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary and classical. Extra-curricular dance classes take place several times a week, and girls can participate in the yearly dance show, as well as representing the school in local festivals.

The school also has a strong musical tradition and has a variety of orchestras, choirs, ensembles and bands. In fact, Mayfield’s leading choir has performed in venues across Europe including Westminster Abbey, the Notre Dame in Paris and St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Additionally, Mayfield School encourages all girls to participate in sport in order to contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to develop a love of sport. Particularly talented girls at Mayfield compete at a regional and even a national level in sports such as hockey, netball, dance, athletics and riding. Mayfield School is one of the best schools for horse riding in the UK – its equestrian centre is open to girls of all abilities and pupils have a history of success. Over the last 30 years, the Mayfield equestrian team has won more national titles than any other school in the UK.

International student community

Mayfield School welcomes international students from 28 different countries, making up around 20% of their student population. The school’s promotion of diversity and inclusion encourages girls to be accepting of others’ differences and life experiences and means that they are more open to new ideas and worldviews. Additionally, for students that are not fluent in English, the school provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) support so that girls can make the most of their Mayfield education.

Boarding life

There are four boarding houses at Mayfield that separate the girls into age ranges, ensuring that the school can focus on academic or social issues specific to students' ages. The pastoral care at Mayfield is outstanding, with each house having a teacher who acts as Housemistress. This helps develop a trusting relationship between the students and the staff, enabling teachers to respond to any problems that the girls are having either in school or the boarding house.


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