Dean Close School

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Dean Close Senior and Prep School in Gloucestershire, England.


About Dean Close School

Mission statement

“We aim to encourage, nurture and inspire our pupils, shaping their mindsets to seek opportunity, be curious about learning and develop a deep desire to have a positive impact on the world around them.”


Dean Close’s academic curriculum is designed to instil a love of learning and curiosity in its students. Before GCSE, the curriculum is kept broad and varied so that students can make an informed choice on the subjects they would like to study in the following years. This love of learning results in the school’s students performing increasingly well with each year.

In 2021, 43.8% of grades awarded were at the A* level with 64% of grades being an A or above. At A Level, 35.3% of grades were A* and 63.3% were an A or above. Additionally, in both GCSE and A Level there was a 100% pass rate. These excellent results prepare students for success at universities across the UK, with popular destinations such as Cardiff, Durham, University College London (UCL), Bristol, Southampton and Exeter.

Activities & sports

Dean Close has a wide variety of activities for students to choose from, with extensive facilities and highly qualified teachers for art, music and drama. Drama facilities include a purpose-built theatre with 550 seats, the largest stage in Gloucestershire, dressing rooms and lighting rigs and a retractable orchestra pit. For students interested in art or music, Dean Close has a two-storey art school with studio space and work areas, and a modern music school which is home to a recording studio, a large concert hall, classrooms, practice rooms, a library and a collection of instruments for hire.

Students are offered the chance to learn any orchestral instrument, electric guitar, bass, drum kit, or have individual singing lessons. The school puts on 50-60 concerts every year, from lunchtime recitals to larger solo and ensemble performances. There are also several drama productions each year for students to get involved with.

Aside from their excellent and varied creative opportunities, the school also offers sports like hockey, netball, rugby, equestrian sports and cricket, amongst others. Dean Close's Equestrian Programme is open to pupils of all abilities, from complete beginners to experienced horse riders. The school has close links with local stables, enabling students who have their own horses to bring them to Dean Close School. Many of the students who participate in these sports will often become highly successful in county, regional and national level competitions.

International student community

Dean Close has a history of educating students from around the world and providing opportunities for overseas students. They welcome pupils and staff from more than 30 different countries, encouraging tolerance and cultural awareness, and allowing students to share perspectives and experiences that enrich everyone’s education and time at the school. This prepares students for the interconnected nature of the modern world once they leave school.

Boarding life

There is always something to do at Dean Close, with a buzzing and vibrant boarding community at its heart. The school creates a family atmosphere in the boarding houses to help new children, especially those from overseas, feel welcome and safe. The dedicated Houseparents and staff are committed to building a trusting environment so that students can approach anyone for help or advice.


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