Chetham's School of Music

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Chetham's School of Music in Greater Manchester, England.


About Chetham's School of Music

Mission statement

“The school seeks to: promote excellence in the study and performance of music; encourage pupils to acquire knowledge relating to music, arts and the sciences, and to develop aesthetic appreciation and discrimination, creativity and perseverance, self-confidence, humility, self-awareness and awareness of the need of others; and foster a positive attitude towards health, sport and recreation.”


Whilst putting a strong emphasis on music, dedicating around one third of the school day to it, Chetham’s also takes pride in the academic results for all its subjects. In 2021, 87.2% of students achieved grades of A* - B, with 94.3% getting a grade C or above. In the same year, 79.6% of students’ grades fell within the A* - A range and almost 100% got a grade C or above.

Pupils from Chetham’s continue on to top conservatoires and universities around the world, accepting places at Oxford and Cambridge, as well as other prestigious universities like Bristol, Imperial College London and King’s College London. In 2021, many Chetham’s school leavers went to specialist music colleges, including the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, and many others.

Activities & sports

As the largest specialist music school in the UK, most of the co-curricular activities available relate to music as well, allowing students to hone their skills outside of class time and giving them more opportunities to perform. Performance opportunities include concerts, such as those that take place at lunchtime breaks, as well as larger events that are put on multiple times a year.

This, along with the school’s state-of-the-art building and concert hall, puts students in contact with the professional music community, allowing them to become part of orchestras and ensembles across the world.

International student community

Around 10% of the school population is from overseas, with more than 40 languages being spoken across the school. While the school requires a minimum competency in English to be accepted into the school, they also provide English learning support for those who require it. Chetham’s encourages acceptance and tolerance of different people and views, welcoming students and staff from all over the world to reflect the diverse nature of the wider world that students will enter once they leave the school.

Boarding life

The school seeks to create a friendly and warm environment for students, especially in the boarding house where boarding students will spend much of their time. Approximately two-thirds of students at Chetham’s are boarders. Social activities after school and at the weekends help new students to feel welcome and make friends quickly. These range from outdoor activities to movie nights, and there will always be something for everyone. Additionally, all the boarding houses are located on campus, so students can quickly and easily return to their boarding house to finish their homework, eat, exercise and practise music. Living on campus makes the school feel like a home away from home.


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