Cheltenham Ladies' College

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Cheltenham Ladies' College in Gloucestershire, England.


About Cheltenham Ladies' College

Mission statement

“To support and guide girls in becoming self-determining, fulfilled and resilient women who value, serve and enrich the communities to which they belong in a complex and changing world. To honour our pioneering heritage through challenge and innovation in the pursuit of academic excellence.”


Teaching staff create a classroom environment that is challenging and stimulating for the girls and teachers encourage perseverance and excellence. This is reflected in the Cheltenham Ladies’ College’s IB results with 73.1% of students achieving over 40 points in the IB diploma in 2022 and the average score of the graduating class being 41.6. Additionally, A Level results are consistently very strong. 50.8% of A Level students got an A*, with 84.8% getting above an A in 2021. In the same year, the GCSE curriculum saw a 100% pass rate with 96.1% getting A* - A.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College has almost 100 full-time staff, with a further 100 part-time staff, so girls are very well supported. As a large school, the college is able to provide a wide and varied range of subjects for girls to choose from.

Activities & sports

Cheltenham Ladies’ College’s co-curricular programme provides the means for girls to explore any interests they have. In fact, any student can create a society if something they are interested in does not already have its own dedicated club or society. This promotes individuality as the girls discover who they want to be.

The college recognises the importance of having a balanced education and this is reflected in their 160 available activities. These include a multitude of orchestras and choirs, sports like polo, golf and fencing, societies such as the politics society, biotech club, and cookery club, and creative activities like animation, hip hop and photography. All of this ensures that the college’s students can choose as diverse or specific a grouping of activities as they want and gives them the freedom to do with their free time what they wish.

International student community

Cheltenham accepts students from 40 countries around the world, speaking 30 different languages. Due to this, students from different countries are mixing on a daily basis, making students familiar and comfortable with different cultures and ideas. This allows them to develop their sense of self and values around the ideas of diversity and inclusion – ideas that will prepare them for adult life.

Boarding life

When students start boarding, they may have come from schools all over the UK and overseas, meaning that the boarding houses are full of students with different backgrounds and life experiences. This teaches students to be accepting and tolerant of all people, an important skill which they will take into adulthood and the real world. The college has 11 boarding houses, all of which have dining, common, prep, and computer rooms as well as laundry facilities and a place for practicing music. The houses are each run by a Houseparent, as well as a deputy Houseparent and their staff.


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