Spring term at British boarding schools

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Spring term at British boarding schools

As the Christmas holidays come to an end your child’s thoughts will be turning to the new term.  Spring term sometimes known as ‘Lent’ term will welcome children to snowy pitches and in March they will wave goodbye to a school covered in Spring flowers.  If your child was new to the school in September they will be feeling much more confident about returning.  They will be familiar with the school campus and boarding school routine as well as having a friendship group to return to.

What should your child expect in Spring term?


Students in exam years (Year 11 & 13) will be sitting their ‘Mock’ exams.  These exams will serve as a practice for future exams and also reveal areas your child needs some extra revision in.  Sometimes the results of these exams can be used in the final mark eg if you child is unable to sit the final exam because of illness.  In 2020 due to Covid these results were used as a guide with teacher assessment to give the final mark.


An integral part of a boarding school’s weekly timetable are the activities.  Throughout your child’s time at school they will develop qualities, skills and values that stay with them for life.  Many activities change each term and everyone is encouraged to develop existing interests and take up new ones. Spring term will see the introduction of some new sports that your child can try their hand at such as:

In March as the weather gets warmer students taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award may do their practice expedition in the nearby countryside.


British boarding schools have exceptionally strong Drama, Art and Music departments and throughout the year students get to showcase their skills to fellow students and local community.

School lectures with visiting guest speakers will give your child the opportunity to hear stories from alumni, explorers and the world of business.  These are ofter geared towards the older year groups and give the students a great insight into different career options.

Boarding schools enjoy celebrating their international community and this term many schools will celebrate events such as Chineses New Year and Burns Night with special meals and maybe some dancing!


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