A level results not what you were expecting?

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A level results not what you were expecting?

You might be able to turn your success or disaster into the best day of your life when you find a better course 

Clearing offers many thousands of places to pupils who have missed their offer or have changed their mind. Adjustment enables pupils who did better than expected to upgrade their course.

In 2019, UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) expects more than last year’s ~70,000 students will secure places through Clearing.

Chief Executive, Clare Marchant said in the Sunday Times
‘It’s a buyer’s market for students this year. Go out there and be inspirational. Shop around.’

On A level Results Day, there were more than 30,000 university courses vacancies in Clearing.

Clearing is open from 5th – 23rd October although many of the best places go as soon as results come out.
You can use Clearing if you’re not holding an offer and your Track status says
You are in Clearing

If your results weren’t as good as you had hoped then re-marking may be an option but most marks don’t actually change – discuss an appeal with your school adviser.  A copy of your script will be helpful if you are considering retaking.

Have you done better than you had expected?

You can use Adjustment from Results Day until 31st August if you want to ‘trade up’ but it is very important that you –

The process is simple – just like Clearing but you can call ANY university to ask for a place.
Can you contact the UK universities from outside the UK? If you can’t easily call from overseas, then consider installing a Virtual private Network (VPN) (we use NordVPN) and  a VOIP internet phone number (we use Soho66 – register as a single user and you need a UK credit or debit card) so you can make calls as if you are in the UK.

Good luck!


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