Activities for hosts to do with students

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Activities for hosts to do with students

Activities for hosts to do with students

If you have an international student coming to stay you may be thinking about what kinds of things you can do together. Taking part in some fun activities together can help you get to know each other. Our blog covers the most popular activities for hosts and students.

Cooking and baking

Many of our students love to cook or bake and doing this together is the perfect way to get them involved in family life. Students often enjoy sharing their favourite recipes from home too! Some pupils however, are very new to cooking and can really benefit from a few lessons in the kitchen!

Dog walking

If your family have dogs, encourage your student to take them for a walk with you. It’s an easy way to get them involved in regular family life and it’s not uncommon for our students to fall in love with their host families’ pets!


Sometimes students forget to pack things they may need at boarding school, or simply don’t have enough room in their luggage to bring everything they need. Hosts often like to take students to the shops to help them buy the essentials that they don’t yet have. Doing this together also teaches students how to make purchases independently in UK shops.


Our international pupils are always excited to get to know their new surroundings and love spending a few days being a tourist in their new home. Showing a student the main visitor attractions is also great fun for hosts! Recently, our hosts in Scotland have enjoyed taking their students to see Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridges.


Getting out and about on a bike is a great way to show your student around a new area. If you don’t have a spare bike for the student to use, you could rent one for the day. Many cities have Uber bikes which are cheap to rent for a few hours. Lots of our students are very active and enjoy spending time outdoors – so cycling is a popular activity when they stay with host families.


Going bowling is a fun indoor activity and is also an effective ice-breaker if your student is feeling nervous in their new environment. The whole family can get involved in a game of bowling and lots of our students love a friendly competition!


For those who are hosting the more active students, going swimming is a popular activity. A trip to the local swimming pool always results in lots of fun for both the student and the host family – especially if you have other children. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could also take a trip to the beach for a cold dip in the sea!


Lots of our students love going to the cinema. It’s the perfect activity for a rainy day in the UK and doesn’t take much organising either! You could let them pick a film that they want to see, or decide together! As a bonus, you can chat about the film afterwards too!


If you’re looking for a special activity to do whilst your student is staying, why not take them to the theatre? It’s an exciting experience for them but also an enjoyable one for you! Many of our students are passionate about music and dancing, so they love visiting the theatre.

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