10 reasons British boarding schools remain among the best in the world

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10 reasons British boarding schools remain among the best in the world

What makes UK boarding schools so special?

British boarding schools are known for their excellence – not only in academia, but also when it comes to extracurricular activities such as sports, art, and music. The best boarding schools enable students to achieve their full potential and become well-rounded, forward-thinking, and resilient individuals. So, what is it about UK boarding schools that is so good? We've put together a list of 10 reasons why British boarding schools are some of the best in the world.

1.  Exam success

Students in science lesson

First on our list is UK boarding schools consistently produce excellent exam results. There are a range of qualifications that students can choose to study including A Levels, BTEC and IB. Having so many study and exam options in the UK means that international students can find an exam system that works well for them.

2.  High university acceptance rate

The best British boarding schools have high university acceptance rates. Independent schools generally achieve top grades across the country allowing pupils to attend the best universities. In fact, 91% of pupils from independent schools in the UK will go on to Higher Education, with 54% continuing to a Top 25 University. International pupils at UK boarding schools find that their journey to Higher Education is much smoother having experienced the British school system for a few years prior.

3.  Olympic success at British boarding schools

British boarding schools have excellent sports facilities. Top facilities combined with expert coaching means that students can excel in a variety of sports. Many of the UK’s top boarding schools see students go on to compete in the Olympics. Did you know that 31% of Olympic medalists in 2016 attended independent schools? The boarding schools we work with pride themselves on understanding your child’s existing talent and skills to then build on their potential. Read our blog to find out more about the Olympic success of some of Britain's top boarding schools.

4.  Success in the Arts

Boarding school drama performance

As well as success in sport and academia, British boarding schools also have an impressive track record for producing industry leaders in the arts. An incredible 67% of British Oscar winners were privately educated, including actors like Eddie Redmayne, Daniel-Day Lewis and Benedict Cumberbatch. Chloe Zhao, who won the 2021 Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture, attended Brighton College as an international boarder. The time and resources boarding schools dedicate to creative arts mean that the opportunities for students to broaden their creative abilities are plentiful.

5.  Opportunities to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Many boarding schools will offer students the opportunity to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award, also known as DofE. Students can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. The opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award will improve your child's teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities - all qualities that are excellent on a CV (i.e., a resume). Having an award will tell potential employers or university admissions staff that your child holds important life skills. Our blog covers all you need to know about the Duke of Edinburgh Award and how it could benefit your child.

6.  A blend of traditional and modern

Many of the best British boarding schools have been around for centuries and as a result they come with years of prestigious traditions for students to experience. Boarding schools have however, shifted a lot in more recent years, developing and adapting to make the most of new teaching methods and technology. Their unique combination of the traditional and the modern means that students get the best of both worlds.

7.  Outstanding facilities

UK boarding schools have access to exceptional facilities and lots of open space, particularly due to the size of the school grounds. Sports pitches, swimming pools and tennis courts are common on most campuses. Millfield School's sport facilities are particularly impressive, including dance studios with sprung floors, a climbing wall and three world class water based hockey AstroTurfs. Schools also cater for students interested in music and drama, and many have dedicated rehearsal rooms and recording studios as well as their own on-campus theatres for student performances. The facilities at British boarding schools allow students the opportunity to fully explore and develop their interests and skills.

8.  Extensive extra curricular activities

Most boarding schools offer a wide range of extra curricular activities and make use of high quality facilities and coaching. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, academic clubs and orchestras. It's not uncommon for UK boarding schools to have over 75 clubs available, so there's something for everyone.

Schools encourage students to take part in inter-school sports matches and music performances. They also compete against other schools and there's often the opportunity to go abroad with the clubs to compete internationally. The extra curricular activities at boarding schools provide opportunities for pupils to develop their life skills and resilience. Read our blog about a few of the most popular activities for students to get involved with.

9.  The international community

From our list of reasons so far, it's understandable that boarding schools are so popular with international students coming to school in the UK. As a result, boarding schools boast a real international community both in the classroom and in the boarding houses. International students often make up a large percentage of a school's boarding community. This helps pupils develop mutual respect and cultural understanding.

10. British boarding school campuses

No matter where in the country your child wants to go to school, there are stunning campuses in every corner. From old, traditional buildings in the British countryside to more modern city campuses, there are options to suit every student.

How do I choose the right boarding school?

Glenalmond College chapelHopefully our list of the 10 reasons British boarding schools remain among the best in the world has shown you the quality that is available in the UK. The standard of all UK boarding schools is extremely high, yet they are all unique. So, with all these reputable and prestigious schools, how do you know which is the best for your child? Our experts have longstanding relationships with schools all over the UK and believe in giving advice that is tailored to you. With 10+ years of experience when it comes to UK boarding school placement, you can rely on our services to find the right school and ensure your child's successful application and enrolment.

Contact us for a free one-on-one discussion to explore how we can support you.

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