Malvern College

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Malvern College in Worcestershire, England.


About Malvern College

Mission statement

“To provide a holistic education encompassing global understanding, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork.”


Malvern College prides itself on the education it gives students, stating that it wants students to learn, not simply remember. The school believes that developing an appreciation for learning is more important than rote learning as it empowers and enables students to enquire and think outside the box.

This is reflected in the exam results of students, with 72% of GCSE students achieving A* - A in 2021. In the IB diploma, 47% of students achieved 40 points, putting them in the top 9% of IB students globally, with the average score for the past five years being more than 37 points. In 2021, 16% of A Level students got three or four A* grades. With such impressive results, students at Malvern College consistently apply to the best universities in the UK and globally, with 83% of candidates gaining a place at their first choice. This includes universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and more.

Activities & sports

Malvern College encourages students to pursue a balance of activities. In this way, pupils can stimulate their creativity, give back to the community and develop important skills for the future. To achieve this Malvern College offers resilience-building programmes like the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and Duke of Edinburgh, as well as a variety of sports such as hockey, football, and tennis. The facilities available at Malvern College are excellent. For example, they have a 25-metre, six-lane indoor swimming pool. Their strong reputation for swimming led former Olympian swimmer Mark Foster to bring his swimming training camp to Malvern in 2016.

They also emphasise the importance of creativity and have state-of-the-art facilities that result in excellence in music, art, design and theatre productions.

International student community

Malvern College welcomes students from over 45 different countries as early as 13 years old, and even younger in their associated Prep schools. They work with parents and guardians to ensure a smooth transition into the UK and the Malvern experience.

Malvern believes that diversity is important in the college and boarding houses so that students benefit from exposure to different ideas and life experiences, encouraging healthy debate and a more rounded experience at school.

Boarding life

At Malvern College, there are 11 boarding houses - six for boys and five for girls, located around the campus. The college has a house system that encourages responsibility and a sense of belonging that forms lifelong friendships. Additionally, the house system generates healthy competition between houses where students are proud to represent their house in the numerous competitions that occur each term.

Relationships are also formed with the boarding staff as everyone eats together in their respective houses. Many staff members stay on campus, and so are available to help the students at any hour. This ensures that students always have someone to turn to for support if they ever have a problem.


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