Belhaven Hill School

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Belhaven Hill Prep School in East Lothian, Scotland.


About Belhaven Hill School

Mission statement

“At Belhaven, we aim to create a happy and secure environment in which all children, boarders and day pupils, can thrive spiritually, emotionally, physically and academically.”


At Belhaven, the curriculum and teaching methods are geared towards a child-centred ethos, teaching each individual child and focusing on their strengths and weaknesses to give them the best education possible. The subjects available at the school are diverse which provides a well-rounded educational experience. The quality of support that the school provides enables students to excel and reach their potential. Many students leave with a scholarship to some of the best senior schools in the UK.

Activities & sports

Creativity is encouraged in Belhaven Hill School, with a dedicated art school that has impressive views of Belhaven Bay and Bass Rock. The children have a range of materials and styles to work with, and staff try to provide the optimal environment for inspiration. There is also a music school with recording studios, practice rooms and a keyboard suite.

Students can play a variety of sports including rugby, hockey, cricket, netball and rounders. The school’s teams have had success against other schools, some of which were much larger than them. Many students have gone on to represent their senior schools and win sports awards. These, among many other opportunities for the children to participate in extra-curricular activities, provide them with a balance between academic work and creativity and fitness, allowing students to explore and pursue their interests.

International student community

The school prides itself on being open and welcoming to international students, with a long association with expat families. They are committed to catering towards the pastoral needs of all children, and they find that overseas students quickly immerse themselves in the school community. The school provides an excellent literacy programme from a young age so that all students will learn to understand and speak English to the highest quality. This means that all children can make the most of the outstanding education that they receive.

Boarding life

Belhaven believes in the importance of a happy and warm boarding experience with good quality pastoral care. Pastoral staff work to provide the optimal environment for learning to take place and for students to thrive. Boarding teaches children valuable skills like individuality and responsibility, developing their sense of self so that they grow into confident young adults. Having no commute time means that students benefit from having more time for after-school activities and weekend outings, allowing them to build stronger relationships that will last a lifetime.


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