Trinity College School

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We're delighted to present one of our partner schools:
Trinity College School in Ontario, Canada.


About Trinity College School

Mission statement

“Developing habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service.”


Trinity College School offers a broad and rigorous curriculum with the ability to concentrate studies in areas of personal interest. At TCS, education is collaborative, rich in discussion, and writing-intensive. The school believes that learning is an active process that fosters habits of the heart and mind while challenging all students to communicate effectively and to think both critically and creatively.

A high school diploma is only the beginning step towards achieving long-term goals of post-secondary education and career advancement. The academic programme is an opportunity for students to show that they are capable of managing deadlines and completing specific tasks, which are important skills for any post-secondary programme. The Academic curriculum has been carefully designed to prepare students for the challenges of university study, and the wide range of courses, in addition to the School’s emphasis upon learning skills and a personal approach to learning. The school strives to provide opportunities to bring out the very best in every TCS learner by helping students balance their individual aptitudes, the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and university admission requirements.

Activities & sports

Students can get a fresh start and go as deep as they want, exploring, discovering, and focusing, with abundant options. The variety of electives and co-curriculars offer students opportunities to try something new and go deeper with what they may already love.

With three distinct terms each student will be encouraged to participate actively in all aspects of the co-curricular activities – athletics, arts, and service learning. Athletically, a range of competitive and recreational opportunities are offered each term. The artistic opportunities will vary but students can engage in creative endeavours musically, in visual arts, as well as theatre and public speaking.

Our faculty works with each student, using the right amount of challenge and encouragement to help each student realise what’s possible because at TCS students achieve great things when they feel supported.

International student community

The TCS student body is comprised of day and boarding students with international students making up approximately 50% of the boarding student population, and 30% of the total student body. Each year we welcome students from all over the globe with students flying in from over 30 different countries to attend TCS. As an academically demanding and university focused academic programme, students attending TCS are expected to have a high level of English fluency. However, for our English Language Learning students, TCS offers English Language Support classes available for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students to support language acquisition in an academic context.

Boarding life

Trinity College School is a boarding school that prioritises the diverse experiences of an international and domestic student community living and learning together. Weekends on campus are meant to be an opportunity to develop the habits of the hearts and minds, outside of the classroom, through cultural excursions, community events, as well as athletics, arts and service opportunities. There are weekends when all students are expected to be on campus, and weekends when students are encouraged to leave campus.

When over 60% of the student body live and learn as full time boarding students on campus it is important to have an active and vibrant boarding program. Students live in one of six boarding houses, each having space for between 40 – 60 students. We believe that the roommate experience is a fundamental aspect of the boarding experience so while there are some single and some triple rooms the majority of students will live with one roommate. A structured evening study programme offers students an opportunity to complete their homework in a supervised classroom environment, in addition to having a desk and workspace within their room. Evening and weekend activities are organized by faculty as well as student leaders and will range from fun and games, to movie nights and dances. Weekend trips will include bus trips to cinemas and restaurants to shopping excursions in Toronto. Weekends offer a nice balance of quiet time for socializing and preparing for the upcoming week, as well as organized activities to keep students engaged.


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