Covid Travel Information

The UK is currently operating a traffic light system for arrivals - with countries placed on either a green, amber or red list. Individuals arriving from a green list country will not be required to quarantine upon arrival, whereas individuals arriving from amber or red list countries do.

Countries and territories are listed as either amber, green or red and quarantine rules are different for each list. Each country has their own lists, click on the red buttons below for more information.

FAQs and boarding school lingo


Boarding school expert awarded King’s accolade

Receiving acknowledgement of excellence in service to students Our Founder and Managing Director, Lorna Clayton has been recognised by King Charles in his first Birthday

UK boarding schools produce world-class football players

Football, sometimes known as soccer in other countries, is a favourite national sport in the UK. The country has produced some of the world’s greatest

Adventure, culture and human connection on Kenya trip

Modal Popup – ID Click here to edit the "Modal Popup" settings. This text will not be visible on frontend. A lifechanging journey through Kenya

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