Student’s travel requirements for flights back to Hong Kong and China

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Student’s travel requirements for flights back to Hong Kong and China

For any of our families planning for their child to return to Hong Kong or China for the summer it is very important that everyone fully understand the travel documents and testing required to ensure a smooth journey back home.

We would advise that all our students check-in at least 4 hours prior to their departure time on their itinerary.

As you will be aware travel restrictions are constantly changing and we ask our families to keep up to date with the restrictions in their own countries.

At present the rquirements for Hong Kong and China are as follows:

Hong Kong


Covid Test (RTPCR)
Must be:
• Taken 72 hrs prior to departure – Certificate must show ‘sample taken time’
• Document shows that the lab or institution that carried out test is ISO 15189

Online Health Declaration Form (electronic and generates QR code)

Hotel Booking
Must have proof of a Hotel Booking for 21 days in government designated hotel (7 further days at home)

Must travel with their HK ID cards

On arrival in HK

• They show their Health Declaration form & QR code they were issued in UK
• Your child will be tested  for Covid-19 on arrival – results will be given in 3-4 hours
We recommend your child carries some snacks and water with them for the wait


• When your child receives a negative test result then a coach will transfer them to a government approved hotel.  Please note beforehand parents could pick their child up and transfer them to the hotel but this is now not allowed.
• Your child will stay 21 days in hotel – Please be aware many hotels do not accept children under the age of 18 without parents. Some will accept children over 14 with parental  approval.
• Your child must stay in room and cannot use hotel facilities
• You child will get regulat Covid swab tests throughout their stay at the hotel
• There are a total of 30 hotels on the list
• Current hotel list is only for arrivals up to 19 June



*Covid Test (RT-PCR)

Must be:
Done by an approved provider

IgM Antibody Test

Blood taken by venous for sampling processing
If your child has a positive anti-body test they can then get a chest x-ray by approved provider

International Health Code (Green Code)

This should be done via a WeChat app

*As there are currently no direct flights’ students will have to transit in another country eg Germany
• Please be aware that all countries have different requirement of when the Covid test should be taken – so parents should check.
• Your child should have a UK visa that allows them to come back to UK if they test negative while in transit

When flight details have been confirmed then a booking can be made for Covid testing at an approved clinic – if flight gets cancelled many clinics will refund or change free of charge for cancelled/amended appointment.

On arrival in China

Quarantine at government hotel/or home and your child will not be able to leave either for 14 days
Please note quarantine requirements change at short notice eg Shenzhen just brought in compulsory hotel quarantine for returning travellers
• 14 days followed by 7 days at home.

Please note for Covid testing Academic Families recommends parents contact Sirkka Networks

Sirkka is on both the UK government list as well as on the Chinese Embassy’s list of approved private providers for China-bound travellers.


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