Does your child need a mobile plan?

It is very difficult to get a mobile contract unless you are an UK resident with an UK bank account.

We are now able to provide 12 month mobile SIM advance plans for our students.

These are have unlimited data, minutes and texts; and are personal hotspot enabled so other devices can be toggled to your phone.

All other services are either unavailable or will be blocked.


The Plan cost is £360 for the 12month contract.

Most contracts will be with Three however, some remote schools only have access to O2 or EE networks and so we will provide the best SIM for your child's school.

Picture messages and international calls and texts can be made on WhatsApp, FaceTime and WeChat and not through the phone service.

Please confirm your requirements by Monday 15th August by submitting the form below. If you have requirements for more than one child please submit a separate form for each child.

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