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We provide a range of services aimed at ensuring your child has all the support they require. In consultation with you, we will tailor a suitable programme depending on the level of service you choose.


At Academic Families, we offer the following guardianship services:

A home away from home

  • Provide a caring family home when your child is not at school via our screened selection of great host families.

Care and attention

  • Keep in regular contact with your child when they are at school.
  • Assist with shopping for essentials such as a school uniform, mobile, laptop, etc.
  • Help in medical emergencies.

Help adjusting, fitting in, and succeeding

  • Help your child settle into school academically and culturally.
  • Attend Parent-Teacher meetings at your child’s school, send you a report, and follow up on any issues required.
  • Support your child at special school events such as plays or sports matches. We will cheer them on and share in their achievements!
  • Organise gifts for your child. We are especially good at organising birthday cakes, flowers and other personal gifts and little surprises.
  • Look after your child’s best interests while at school and lend a helping hand where needed.
  • Assistance finding an academic tutor or revision course before exams.

Help with logistics and travel

  • Arrange airport Meet & Greet and transfers to/from your child’s school.
  • Airport Assistance - airside escort through the airport - Passport Control, Baggage and changing terminals - from the plane door to your transfer flight or taxi. Invaluable support for flight disruptions and cancelations.
  • Help you when you visit your child in the UK.

Making the most of their time in the UK

  • Advice and support if your child is taking English Language courses prior to starting school or during term breaks.
  • Join one of our bespoke teenage trips to enjoy more of the UK and Europe
  • During longer holidays students can stay with hosts in other locations so they visit as much of the UK as possible.
  • Arrange courses and work placements as required.


What to do when…?

During School Breaks

Let us know what your preference is and we can accommodate your wishes.  We offer Homestay with our hosts for exeats and some holidays, or you may prefer to join one of our trips in the UK or Europe.

In a crisis

We're here when you can't be and we solve problems so you don't have to.

We’ve worked in international education for many years and we’ve seen it all. Despite meticulous planning, things can suddenly take a turn for the worse or catch you by surprise. We’ve resolved all kinds of issues from expired passports to medical emergencies. Whatever the situation is, we’re here in a flash.

Contact us to learn more about how to protect your child 24/7.

After graduation from boarding school

Most of our host families maintain their strong relationships with their children when they leave school and go on to university – like the best families, we become friends for life.

If your child plans to go on to a UK university then we can advise and support here too - from Personal Statement building to course selection - we can help and support you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can support your child applying to any UK university.


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