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Our host families welcome your child into their homes and become their local family. They provide a safe, caring and happy environment for your child to enjoy a relaxing break away from school. They want them to be happy and do well.

Our experienced team will find a host family to best suit your child – both in terms of relationship and location. Many of our host families have lived overseas, some have attended boarding school themselves while their parents were overseas, and the children of most have attended similar schools as either day or boarding pupils.

Some of our hosts are grandparents and others parents, some live in cities and others in rural areas – but all understand the needs of teenagers and will ensure your child enjoys quality relaxing breaks – not entirely spent in bed or on their laptop!

Many students remain in close contact with their host families long after they have left school. Those who progress to UK universities still need a break away from their studies and university life and where else to go but back home to their host family – but now as friends.

Who are Academic Families' Host Families?

Academic Families host families are selected for their skills and interest. First of all they must be people who we would want to stay with ourselves and trust with our children. They must have a good understanding of British education and have an international perspective. All will be caring and want to help your child settle into their British education. It goes without saying that all have the highest credentials and police clearance.

Teenage years bring challenges to all children and it is vital that your child has a friendly and supporting family who will understand them and take the time to help them find their way.

Most children settle easily and well into boarding school life but sometimes a little more nurturing with hot chocolate trips and ‘family home time’ can be required to help them.

Host families will become as involved as possible in your child’s life, supporting them at sporting and school events. They will attend the Parent Teachers meetings and report back to both you and your child.

If your child is coming for their last two years of school then they may feel independent although of course, you know they still need support. They will need a safe home to go to but their host family will ensure they are welcome, safe and happy allowing your child a more independent break from school.


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