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International students have always studied at British boarding schools enjoying world class education. In 2015, 35% of boarders were non British students with parents overseas.

Boarding school students become confidant, articulate, highly qualified and rounded individuals and most go on to university education.

International students will most likely experience a different style of teaching as greater emphasis is placed on encouraging students to think things through for themselves rather than memorising what their teachers have told them. The ‘old style’ of learning increasing amounts of a subject has been replaced by learning how to verify information and applying knowledge and common sense to new situations. Students need to be able to ask questions of teachers and their peers as well as explain and defend their analysis of, and solutions, to problems. International students may also find a wider variety of teaching methods than they are used to – interactive white boards instead of chalk and blackboards, small working groups to discuss and solve problems and students making PowerPoint presentations to their class. Learning is often through class discussion and so students’ English must be good enough to understand their teachers and peers and also present their own thoughts.

Schools are not only looking for academic students, but also public spirited students, able sportsmen and women , talented musicians and artists – all of whom will contribute to boarding school life in different ways.


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