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Academic Families provides high quality guardianship care and school placement advice. We are dedicated to supporting students from around the world ensure their British school days are happy and successful and to enjoy their local ‘home from home’ family support.

Choosing the best education for your child leads many families to consider British schools and universities. However, it is not an easy decision to make. Understanding the needs and strengths of your child may be straightforward for parents, but to match them to the UK boarding school best suited to their needs is more challenging and critical.

It can be very daunting to leave home in your teens and go to study in a different culture and language far from home and your family. Most of our students study for most of their secondary education at UK boarding schools, although some may choose to study for a shorter period.

Academic Families’ extensive experience and personalised service will help you match the school to your child. We will help you complete their enrolment and then once their place has been confirmed, we will provide guardian care, matching your child with a local host family – their home from home. Many of our host families have been caring for international students for 10+ years, going the extra mile to ensure all our students feel at home throughout their school years in the UK.

We have a wealth of experience varying from living overseas ourselves (as boarders and parents), as parents and grandparents of children in independent schools throughout the UK, and to looking after families of students for many years.

Academic Families provides continuing support from your initial interest until your child’s last days at school. We care about looking after your child in British education.

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