Green, Amber and Red: What happens when you arrive in the UK?

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Green, Amber and Red: What happens when you arrive in the UK?

Government updates on quarantine rules when arriving into the UK are ever-changing and at Academic Families we understand how stressful this can be. We’ve put together the most up to date quarantine information for entering the UK. You can also contact your local British Embassy or consulate if you require further advice.

Countries and territories are listed as either amber, green or red and quarantine rules are different for each list. The current traffic light system is due to change on October 4th, to be replaced by only two lists – a “no go” list and a “rest of world” list. Regulations also differ depending on whether you are arriving in Scotland, England, or Wales.

Before you travel to the UK

Before you travel you must check the red, amber, and green lists for your date and time of arrival in the UK.  Full lists of the current red, green, and amber countries can be found here.

The rules you must follow depend on which countries or territories you’ve been in during the 10 days before arriving in the UK.  If you are traveling  from an amber list country but have been in a red list country in the 10 days before you arrive, then you must follow rules for red list countries.

There have been a few cases in which certain test exemptions for boarding pupils from amber countries have not been recognised by the airlines. We therefore encourage parents to check with the airline directly about the testing requirements before departing for the UK to ensure that all necessary tests are booked/carried out in advance.

Showing your vaccination status

You need to show your travel operator proof that you’ve been fully vaccinated with one of the UK’s authorised vaccines before you travel.

This proof should be:

If you cannot show an EU DCC or CDC card you must follow the rules for those who are not fully vaccinated.

Government advice states that boarding school pupils travelling to the UK on a student visa, who have travelled from or through amber list countries (and have not been in a red country in the previous 10 clear days), are exempt from the requirements to quarantine and take a day 8 test. Some boarding schools however, may have separate rules regarding quarantine and testing.

Official published guidance for Unaccompanied Minors (under 18s) entering England from a red list country states that these students are allowed to undertake their 10-day quarantine at school rather than in a managed quarantine hotel. Please note, this only applies to students who have residence rights in the UK (UK passport or BRP holder) and therefore does not apply to their parents.  If their boarding school is able to provide quarantine accommodation, the student will receive written confirmation of their exemption which they must show on arrival into the UK. You can find out more information here.

If an international boarding pupil develops symptoms of COVID-19 after arriving in the UK, they should self-isolate in the place where they test positive/show symptoms. For example, if a boarder shows symptoms at school, they should self isolate at school; if at a homestay, they should self-isolate at the homestay.

Continue to follow public health advice for testing and self-isolation of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Guidance for schools and parents can be found here

Rules as of 12 August 2021

Travelling to England click here

Travelling to Scotland click here

Travelling to Wales click here

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