What to pack for boarding school

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What to pack for boarding school

Most of us are talking about our summer holidays, but families with children starting boarding school at the end of the summer are already starting to think about their packing.

Schools typically send out their official uniform list, but it is often the items that are NOT on these lists which are the most useful to your child.

As guardian to many children throughout the UK, Academic Families are often asked to buy last minute items for students which they didn’t know to bring with them.

Getting ready for boarding school in the UK

We have prepared two lists of the items that will help children settle into their new boarding school life.  The first list details some of your favourite items we suggest you bring from home and the 2nd list is items which may be easier for your guardian to buy and have ready for you when you arrive in the UK.




Items to bring from home

  • Mug – for coffee, tea or an evening hot chocolate in your boarding house
  • Wall decorations (pictures of your family, pets and friends. Magazine clippings or even nice wrapping paper to decorate the pinboard)
  • Dressing gown or bathrobe – to keep you nice and warm
  • Your favourite cosy fleece blanket for the bed
  • Head Phones – to listen to your favourite music without disturbing the rest of the dorm
  • External Hard Drive – for all your photos
  • Overnight bag – for the weekends out of school
  • Small school bag – to carry books between class
  • Reading material – books, magazines or a tablet
  • Nice or "smart" clothes – for school formal events and social events

Items your guardian can help you purchase

  • Water bottle – to keep you hydrated at all times
  • Pen holder – to put on your desk
  • Desk Lamp
  • Pins for your pinboard
  • Clothes hangers – you never get enough for all those school shirts
  • Drawer dividers – to help organise the under-bed drawers boarding schools often provide for clothes
  • A shoe rack or over the door shoe rack - helps keeps school shoes, sports shoes all in one place
  • Laundry bag or basket
  • Plastic caddy or nylon mesh bag - to carry everything into the shower if you do not have en-suite facilities
  • Equipment for going on expeditions - eg Duke of Edinburgh.  However, do check with the school regarding what equipment they will provide as many will provide rucksacks, sleeping bags etc


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