10 reasons why international students need a guardian

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10 reasons why international students need a guardian

It is a legal requirement for all international students under the age of 18 to have a UK-based educational guardian who will act as the parents’ representative whilst their child is studying in the UK.

Beyond the legal requirement, there are plenty of reasons why international students need a guardian. We've put together ten below.

1.  Guardians arrange host families

Students stay with host families during holidays and leave-out or exeat weekends when the student can’t go home.

The experienced team at Academic Families will find a host family to best suit your child and will provide a home away from home. Students benefit by spending time with a local family, learning and experiencing another cultural environment and joining in family life.

2.  Travel arrangements

Your guardianship company will arrange all your child’s transportation within the UK.

This will include taxis to and from the airport with a taxi company whose drivers have gone through complete police checks.

3.  Point of contact

Guardians are the vital point of contact for the school concerning the student’s non-school time in the UK. For example, during holidays, leave weekends and emergencies where the student is unable to return home.

4.  Monitor student's progress

Guardians take an interest in a student's work and progress and monitor academic and social development. Guardians will have regular contact with the student throughout the year. Host families often notice if the child is not happy and tell the guardians who then liaise with the school.

5.  Parents' meetings

Guardians can attend parent meetings and send a report back to parents.

6.  Shopping

Guardians can set up bank accounts, buy phone cards and help with uniform shopping prior to the student arriving in the UK.

7.  Advice on exams

A guardian can give help and advice over examination choices and university selection, including assistance with the completion of application forms. Some guardians, like Academic Families, also offer extra academic support like one-on-one tutors.

8.  24/7 availability

A guardian will be available to both students and parents 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

9.  Summer camps and language schools

Guardian companies can arrange for international students to attend summer programmes and language schools during the holidays.

10.  Emergency host family

If a student is suspended from school for a few days or even weeks, guardianship companies will arrange for an emergency host family. In addition, they will attend meetings with the school to see how the school and student can move forward.

About Academic Families

Academic Families is one of the UK's premier AEGIS-accredited guardian companies offering high-quality guardianship care and school placement advice. In fact, we are the only AEGIS-accredited provider in the whole of Scotland!

We are dedicated to supporting students from around the world to ensure their British school days are happy and successful and to enjoy their local home away from home family support.

Academic Families provide a guardianship service of the highest calibre for students and their families. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff provide exemplary pastoral and academic support to help ensure that students are extremely well looked after, and achieve to the best of their ability.

AEGIS Evaluation, September 2016

For more information on our guardianship services, please contact us any time.

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